Our values

  • We believe that access to high-quality, affordable diagnostics is a fundamental human right, and that patients should be empowered to understand their own health.
  • We believe that technological design should be adapted to the needs of the end user, not the other way around.
  • We believe in scientific rigor, data transparency, and peer-review as critical mechanisms for guaranteeing patient safety and medical efficacy.
  • We believe in establishing an impact-driven research agenda that improves patient outcomes and addresses critical, long-standing pain points in the diagnostics industry.

Our team

Our team is passionate about improving human health, and is leveraging cutting-edge protein engineering techniques and extremophile biology to produce affordable, robust, and universally accessible diagnostics. We would love to meet like-minded individuals – we’re currently in the process of building our team, recruiting an advisory board, and connecting with potential investors. Please contact us to learn more!

<strong>Eric Miller, PhD</strong>
Eric Miller, PhDCo-founder, CEO

Eric is passionate about combining biotechnology and user-centered design to produce biomedical innovations that are universally accessible to patients. He earned his Chemical Engineering PhD from MIT, with a doctoral thesis entitled, “Development of thermostable affinity reagents for low-cost, paper-based medical diagnostics.” He earned his Chemical Engineering B.S. cum laude from Stanford University.

<strong>Hadley Sikes, PhD</strong>
Hadley Sikes, PhDCo-founder, Chief Scientific Advisor

Hadley is an expert in the fields of protein engineering and medical diagnostics, with a particular focus on the development of technology that can be translated beyond the lab to positively impact human health. She earned her Physical Chemistry PhD from Stanford University, and held post-doctoral appointments in the labs of Frances Arnold at Caltech and Chris Bowman at the University of Colorado.